Thursday, March 17, 2016

3 Reasons to GORUCK Yourself! | Product Review

Ever taken a trip and just couldn't seem to find the right bag. Your stuff didn't fit, or it just wasn't functional for the type of transportation you were taking? I deal with this every time I travel. I have hated most of my travel bags for years. So I finally got in touch with a locally owned and operated company in Jacksonville Beach that specializes in building exactly what I needed.

"GORUCK Yourself!"

Note: This post is from 2015 but was lost in a blogger black hole for months but has finally been recovered. I hope you enjoy!

Here are 3 great ways to GORUCK Yourself.

1. GORUCK Your Business Trip

If you're business trips are on the shorter side (2-3 nights) you're probably used to traveling with a single carry-on bag to avoid fees. And if you're not a First or Priority Class, or Infant-In-Arms traveler, you're probably tired of the mandatory (and UNAMERICAN! I might add) bag check at the gate.

For most of my trips within the past year have I have taken GORUCK as my one and only bag. That means I don't have to check my bag, and I don't have to fight for an overhead compartment because it fits below the seat in front of me. And that's a good thing because I hate boarding lines and prefer to board as late as possible.

GORUCK makes airport terminal selfies sexy

My GORUCK wear's shades indoors

2. GORUCK Your Vacation

Duration: 3 nights
Destination: Paradise (aka Scrub Island, BVI)
Packing list:

- Board Shorts
- T-Shirts
- Shades
- Sun Tan Lotion
- Fedora
- Cameras & Equipment
- Laptop (for storing pic/vids, no working allowed)
- Passport

Baggage: 1 GORUCK

Seriously, I recently took a much needed vacation to Scrub Island, BVI and took only my GORUCK. I knew I didn't want to drag multiple bags through 4 flights and a boat ride (1 way). Also, it mean the bag never left my possession and I wouldn't have to worry about it getting lost. (Although my laptop was stolen by TSA agents in the San Juan, PR airport. Read about that experience here: 5 Air Travel Security Tips)

Inferior travel bags bow to GORUCK

Check out this video of my trip.

Produced by David West & Amy West - Journey Productions Media

and last but not least...  

3. GORUCK Your Workout

Use your GORUCK as it was intended, for Rucking. According to GORUCK's website go·ruck [verb go + verb ruck] is a noun ruck, short for rucksack (aka backpack), and it’s also a verb: to ruck is to move with a rucksack, and implies action, energy, and purpose.

I have a variety of packs for different activities; however, the build quality of my GORUCK sets it apart from the others. it's equipped to handle the toughest conditions and keep you on the move.

GORUCK your friends at one of the many
GORUCK events hosted around the nation. See the list of events here on GORUCK's website. 

GORUCK offers a variety of accessories also, including this TAC Hat.

- David West

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