Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Air Travel Security Tips

Most likely you've lost something valuable at some point in your life. Did you lose it while traveling? I'm sure you remember the heart pounding moment of panic when you realized it was gone. Maybe you left your wallet in a hotel safe, or forgot your phone on a plane. I've found many devices left in airports.

In my millions of miles of travel I've come uncomfortably close to losing many things. I've been lucky enough to have only lost a few things, and only one of any real value, a camera, while traveling in the bush of southern Africa. That was before I discovered digital photography so I only lost one roll of film with it... whew!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gourmet Food Stand | Bourbon & Burgers (Honorable Mention)

I've decided to break my own rules for this installment of my Bourbon & Burgers series to include Ingo's Tasty Food, in Phoenix, AZ. Ingo's doesn't offer full bar service so I couldn't get my hands on any Bourbon, but the quality of the burger and the experience was worth an Honorable Mention.

I can still taste it... the juicy grass fed beef of the Paris, Texas Burger. I'm trying to get PHX back on my 2015 itinerary to make another visit to Ingo's. I think a creative menu with quality ingredients is reason enough to book a flight back to the southwest, don't you? 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Tropical Break From Business Travel on Scrub Island | Video

As much as I enjoy traveling I don't always get to travel for pleasure. Mostly I'm on the road for business, working on planes, in airports, and squeezed into conference rooms. 

Business travel is great, but many hours under florescent lights, and lonely nights in distant hotels get me daydreaming about trading my business suit and tie for a Swim Suit, and a Mai Tai.