Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gourmet Food Stand | Bourbon & Burgers (Honorable Mention)

I've decided to break my own rules for this installment of my Bourbon & Burgers series to include Ingo's Tasty Food, in Phoenix, AZ. Ingo's doesn't offer full bar service so I couldn't get my hands on any Bourbon, but the quality of the burger and the experience was worth an Honorable Mention.

I can still taste it... the juicy grass fed beef of the Paris, Texas Burger. I'm trying to get PHX back on my 2015 itinerary to make another visit to Ingo's. I think a creative menu with quality ingredients is reason enough to book a flight back to the southwest, don't you? 

Last June, after abandoning a dramatically overpriced restaurant to find something more chill I was happy to escape Phoenix's blistering heat and step into Ingo's just after sunset.

I accepted a glass of Chardonnay as a substitute for my usual stiffer selection while I got to know the manager and my server. Based on their recommendations I ordered the Paris, Texas Burger, with a side of Fresh Shattered Potato Chips.

I couldn't have picked a better spot for my last evening in Phoenix. Ingo's is the perfect location to gather the family around the grill and have some fun while you wait for your food. And if you're traveling solo like I was, the staff will gladly stand in for the evening.

Here are a few more pictures of Ingo's location that I hope capture the experience and encourage you to stop in next time you're in Phoenix. Don't miss my Yelp review for more details on this trending spot.


- David West

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