Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vacation Like A King | Video & Pics

Juggling the tasks of family and work can get pretty stressful, but the stresses of daily life can't hold a candle to the most stressful activity of all... Vacation.

When William the Conqueror (a.k.a. William the Bastard) of Normandy invented vacation in the 11th century he had hordes of subjects to make arrangements at his behest.
Travel was a breeze, with priority boarding guaranteed, and an upgrade to the penthouse with a view at the castle of his choosing. Oh to be King!

But for the commoners with kids in tow it's not quite so easy. Setting aside a month to celebrate harvest is a daunting task, as is getting out the door on time. Vacation was intended to take those stresses away, not add to them; however, when you have kids, and work travels with you, vacation can seem more like a chore.

Recently we had an opportunity to vacation for a weekend as a family. Due to our work, which requires a mixture of business and pleasure, we had moments on the clock but spent most of our time punched out and relaxed.

Sienna claiming the pool as her domain

Here is a peak at our family getaway and all the fun you could have with your family at Reunion Resort, a Salamander's Resorts & Hotels location. 

And don't miss Amy's review here:

Sienna loves to swim

Yes, thumbs up for being under water

Sienna playing peek-a-boo behind the bubbles

Children's playground at the Reunion water park

Lazy river at the Reunion water park

Lazy River at the Reunion water park

Sienna busted jumping on the bed

Amy and Sienna always hamming for the camera

Sienna brushing up on her travel writing skills

A much needed glass of wine at Forte Grille

Some quiet time on mini-vaca

- David West

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