Saturday, April 12, 2014

My American Honey | Video

I've been a photographer for several years and recently I've started making the transition to video and production. I'm no Martin Scorsese or Alfred Hitchcock yet but I'll get there.

My first video project was actually a test that I was pleasantly surprised with. I had come across a steadicam and wanted to try it out while I was visiting my parent's home last fall in Tennessee. My wife and I took our daughter, Sienna, to a park near my parents house where I grew up. I just decided to play around and be papa-razzi until she tired of it.

Then, as I stitched some shots together my wife suggested I use the song American Honey, by Lady Antebellum, as the music track. It was literally a random selection, neither of us had ever seen the music video so I didn't have anything to base my video on.

Below is the video I created. "No applause please... just throw money." (My dad always said that. It wasn't even funny then so I'm not sure why I said it.) I've also included the official Lady Antebellum music video which I just saw tonight for the first time. I was pretty surprised at the similarities. The longer I spend away from where I grew up, the more this song means to me, especially now that I see my little "American Honey" portrayed in the video I created.

My American Honey

Official Lady Antebellum Music Video - American Honey

Bonus Video - Sienna singing along with her video while she brushes one of her dolls' hair.

- David West

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